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Got the travel bug? Love to travel in style? The Vacation Rental Travel Guide delivers in-depth short story reviews of exotic and unique vacation homes, castles, retreats and villas worldwide. Ever dreamed of traveling to Marrakesh, Hawaii, or Croatia; or imagined yourself swimming with dolphins in Mexico? Peek through an open window with VRTG Travel Writers to explore exotic places, special events, and discover local secret treasures first-hand before venturing out to new lands. Arm yourself with eatery secrets, wineries, events, and attractions not to be missed—all from first-hand live reviews of hand-picked vacation rental homes by VRTG travel writers.

THE VACATION RENTAL TRAVEL GUIDE (VRTG) is a professional series of books published on both Amazon International, and in digital form. These comprehensive guides feature outstanding vacation rental homes covering 10 worldwide geographical areas in 10 specialized categories. VRTG creates publicity and visibility for the Vacation Rental Community by writing positive, experiential reviews. Showcasing individual vacation homes and local areas, these chronicles announce the emergence of the vacation home venue to travelers around the globe. The Vacation Rental Travel Guide is a unique platform for vacation rental marketing strategies for distinguishing specialty and higher end vacation homes from the VRBO crowd.

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THE VACATION RENTAL TRAVEL GUIDE is looking for outstanding vacation homes in these areas:

EUROPE, UNITED STATES & CA-Summer/Fall 2015 CARIBBEAN/CENTRAL AMERICA-Winter 2015-2016 EASTERN EUROPE and RUSSIA-Summer/Fall 2015 MEXICO & S. America-Winter 2014/Spring 2015 AUSTRALIA/NEW ZEALAND-Winter 2015 MIDDLE EAST/INDIA-Summer 2015 SOUTH AMERICA-Winter 2015 SOUTH PACIFIC-Summer 2016 AFRICA-Winter 2016


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Schedule or categories may adjust at any time, and are not guaranteed to remain as stated.

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